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Subject: Family Debt - Part 8Tom's View.He watched, smiling, as his son-in-law stick out his
tongue and run it tentatively around the head of the
soiled dildo. Tom's life had held very little excitement
to this point, and he had expected it to go on that way
till he died. When Samantha had brought the evidence to
him of John's stealing from him, his reaction had been a
natural anger. It had been Samantha who had talked him
this course of action rather than instantly calling in
the law, portraying it as an even sweeter revenge for the
betrayal. And that was what he had wanted - revenge. Now,
though, things had changed. He wanted this, he wanted the
power. And never before in his entire life had he felt so
alive."Clean it thoroughly," he ordered. "You preteen lolita incest rape don't want it
going in your daughter's cunt after it's been up your
arse without a thorough clean, do you?"John closed his mouth over the dildo, sucking on it, and
then resumed with his tongue with even greater energy.Tom laughed. "Good boy," he said.He removed the cleansed dildo and threw it onto the sofa.
Leaning down he looked into John's face. "Dawn and Steve
think they've got it every which way right now," bbs image board loli he said
softly. "But that's going to change. I'm going to fuck
your whole family, John. Then my friends are going to
fuck them, and then their friends are going to fuck them.
By the time I'm finished anybody who wants to will get
the chance to fuck them and use them. Every debased act
that can be imagined is going to be practiced on you and
your family. You're going to be brought down so low,
you'll have to reach up to tie your shoelaces."He straightened up. "Get the bra and panties off," he
said. "Then kneel on the floor."John stripped of the panties, and then unhooked the bra.
He laid them aside and got down on his knees."Open your mouth," Tom ordered.Tom took out his cock, noticing how hard John's was. It
looked like he wasn't the only one enjoying all this. He
stood in front of the naked kneeling man and held his own
limp cock at the ready and pointing at John's open mouth.
John realised what he intended only an instant before the
stream of hot piss hit him square in the mouth. He choked
on it, and Tom shifted his aim to soak his face and hair.
Then down his chest, the last of it finishing off around
his erect cock and balls. Her stepped forward, still
holding his cock."Lick it clean, bitch," he said.He smiled as he felt the tip of John's tongue cleaning
the head of his cock. In time, he thought, the little
slut was going to learn to like the taste of piss."Now get yourself cleaned up, you filthy whore," he
snapped. "Then come back here. I'll be sleeping on the
sofa, you on the preteen lolita incest rape
floor beside me. I expect to be woken at
six, with a hot cup of tea in your hand and my cock in
your mouth."He sat back on the sofa as a bedraggled John left the
room. He picked up the recently discarded panties and
brought them to his nose. He could smell John on them,
but beneath that Dawn as well.
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